How To Choose The Best Drone For Kids in 2019 - Top Picks & Reviews
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How To Choose The Best Drone For Kids in 2019 – Top Picks

How To Choose The Best Drone For Kids in 2019 – Top Picks

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Are you looking for a suitable drone for your child? Look no further. In this article, we have reviewed the ten best drones for kids. They are available according to different ages and will help your child improve his flying skills. Listed here below are the best Kid’s drones for your child with great features and specifications.

How To Choose Best Drone For Kids?

Purchasing the right drone is not an easy task. It will depend on if your child is a beginner or you need an advanced drone. Best drone for kids sell according to their quality and specifications. For beginners, you still can get good quality at a reduced price. Let your child advance if he or she has had earlier experience. As your child grows in years, it is advisable to buy a drone within his age group. Children love exploration an advanced machine helps them not only enjoy their activities but also develop mentally.  Here are two main things to consider.

Flight Time – The flight time differs between models and manufacturer. When buying a drone choose according to the parental observation you need. For older children who love more adventure, a drone that flies for more extended minutes will be appropriate for them

Size – While some drones are much more significant than others, you will find other mini quadcopters. Despite their size, they may have similar functions, therefore, giving you the same output.

Weight – Do you need a heavy or lightweight drone? When buying one of these items, check on weight and your mode of portability when flying. You should consider the age of your child for ease of flying.

Control Type – Some drones are remote controlled while others you use your smartphone. The choice depends on what is friendly to the child.

Camera – Some drones are fitted with cameras while others do not have it. You can factor in the strength of the HD camera. Camera capability is different too. Some cameras will capture objects only while others will record videos also.

Maximum Range – Some drones have coverage of up to 3300 feet while others cover only 110 feet. It depends on the indoor and outdoor feature. What range would you like to cover while flying? If your child is already an expert in flying, help him or her cover longer distances.

Recommended age – Drones are manufactured according to different age groups. They vary from five years to sixteen years. Their safety tips also differ, and you need to observe your child in their first sessions of flying.

Charge time – How long will you charge the drone or will you need extra batteries? Some products will take few minutes to load while others take a longer time. If you use the drone for outdoor flying, spare batteries will be necessary. 

And We’ve Found These As Best Drones For Kids

Syma X5C Quadcopter

It has an ideal budget and a substantial body guarantying you excellent durability. Spare parts are readily available.


It has good stable and smooth control. The camera resolution is impressive and automatic GPS flight support.

Cheerson CX-10 Mini

It is suitable for smaller children and beginners. Remote sensitivity can be switched from beginner to intermediate and to advanced level helping your child pick the right level.

Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter Drone

Good propellers that prevent the blades from breaking. Can perform 360o flips in four different directions.

UDI 818A Discovery HD+ Quadcopter Drone

Excellent 6-axis stabilization, wind resistance, and excellent aerial aerobatics. It can be used both for the indoor and outdoor purpose. The budget is friendly depending on the many useful features.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator

It has a powerful motor and outstanding stunt. It is suitable for beginners especially the little kids. It doesn’t have a camera but excellent for fun.

QCopter Drone Quadcopter

It is sold with a set of all required accessories and spare parts which also includes a cardboard gift case. Its features are found in more expensive drones yet it’s pocket-friendly.

Tenergy Syma X11C 4CH 2.4Ghz RC Quadcopter Drone

It is small and light and can fly even in a minimal space. Has excellent maneuvers and high wind resistance. It can operate both indoor and outdoor. 

GoolRC Mini Drone

This drone has an anti-crush design giving you a safe flight. No loss of control or direction due to the headless design. If you are looking for beginners with 360 degrees stunt performance, then this is it.

Traxxas 6608 LaTrax Alias Quad-Rotor Ready-To-Fly Helicopter

It comes with four motors and no need for assembly. The aesthetic appearance is impressive giving it a higher grade in the market.

Best Drone For Kids' Review in 2019

Syma X5C can be used indoors or outdoors by beginners. The battery charged drone with about 7 minutes flying time can take photos, and it is remote controlled.

The easy to operate drone can perform flip, take pictures and videos just by a push of a button. This gadget uses 2.4GHz remote control and spread spectrum technology for anti-interference ability and further remote distance. Charging by USB charger is easy.

Why Should We Buy It?

Each best kid’s drone has its unique features. Let look at Syma X5C.

  • Fitted with HD Camera
  • 6- axis Gyro stabilization system that guarantees stability during flight.
  • 100 minutes charge time and 7 minutes flight time.
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors.
  • Wind resistant.
  • It can perform flips at a press of a button with 360 degrees turn.


  • Very stable and durable.
  • Easy to operate and perfect for beginners.
  • Excellent camera.
  • A good gift wrap.


  • The battery doesn’t last long.
  • The flight range is short.
  • No case provided for additional parts and cell.

Start enjoying aerial photography even without prior experience. DJI Phantom is one of the best drones for kids that have simple GPS assisted flight. It has a range of over half a mile with a clear live video that streams over Wi-Fi to your mobile phone using DJI Go app. Let it go free to the skies, and it will come back to you at a press of the button. The live HD video captures images making it fun to watch. You have full control of the gadget through your remote control. The free DJI mobile app helps you do the capturing just at a tap on the application.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • Flies up to 25 minutes with the intelligent battery that is included.
  • Excellent view of images of up to half a mile away through the DJI mobile application.
  • GPS assisted Flight feature enabling you to acquire excellent pictures as the drone flies safely.
  •  Some accessories which include, radio controller, 8GB micro SD card, 1 battery and charger and 2 full set of propellers.
  • 2.7K video and 12MP stills from the 3-axis integrated camera.


  • It is easy to fly.
  • Excellent 3 axis gimbal.
  • Good camera.


  • Very noisy, not suitable for spying.

Cheerson has built-in 6 axis gyroscope for stable flight with super LED lights for night flights. This best kid’s drone comes with three-speed models that can change speed automatically.

If you are looking for a drone for children who are new to RC toys, then Cheerson CX-10 Mini is a perfect choice. It comes with a low voltage alarm and 360 degrees eversion. Why not try this 2.4GHz 4 channels wireless remote controlled device that will cheer up your teenage child.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • Suitable for children above 14 years.
  • The 6-axis design makes the gyroscope adjustable, resulting in excellent flying stability.
  • 3 – level adjustable speed flip function.
  • A low voltage alarm.
  • A model of Hubsan H111.
  • Excellent LED lights suitable for night flights.


  • It flies much better after calibration.
  • Very easy to control.
  • A perfect gift item.
  • Good for indoor use.


  • The spinner is not durable
  • Sensitive control.

This drone is best for your ten years old kid. It has a great camera featuring FPV. Holystone has bright LED lights perfect for night flights. The 6-axis Gyro technology makes it excellent to perform flips, rolls just by the press of a button. 

The easy to operate gadget best drone for kids has 720P HD camera. Have fun as you take photos, video of the world from any angle. This copter can go into a headless mode.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • A left and right-hand operation mode according to your preference.
  • 720P HD camera that can record and take excellent photography.
  • A 4-speed control mode from low to high which is suitable for beginners.
  • Rolls and 3D flip making it exciting and can flip in four directions.
  • Headless mode helps beginners on how to operate it.


  • Excellent lights for night flights
  • Easy to fly and durable.
  • A beautiful design.


  • Poor motor
  • USB battery light doesn’t turn green when fully charged.

This little best kid’s drone has a robust design and quality performance. Its headless feature makes controlling much more comfortable for beginners. Let your little one enjoy flying using this headless drone from whichever way you are standing. The HD camera will help the kid capture images yet have good battery life. No more night crashing, the LED lights are bright to let you locate this little boy. One key flip and tricks and fly like a pro.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • Increased stability with a better media resolution.
  • 4 GB memory card to enlarge your storage for all captions
  • Data port and cable provided. You can send your JPEG captions to social media groups.
  • An Alarm alert to let you know the drone is landing.
  • An extra battery is provided and a power bank combo.


  • It is durable
  • Flies quickly and it’s stable.
  • Capable of different aerial moves.
  • A perfect gift


  • Not very easy to train as mentioned.

The spectacular design drone has excellent stability. It is an easy to use machine for beginners. It has a capability of flying 6-8 minutes away from its transmitter. Holy Stone HS170 does not have a camera. This may seem like a drawback, but it is excellent for beginners. It has powerful ultra-responsive motors. All you need is to adjust the throttle slowly to maintain control. This best drone for kids is suitable for the 14 years old. This miniature is less than 5lbs therefore, no registration is required.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • The control range is 30-50 meters.
  • The flying time is 6-8 minutes.
  • Charging time is 60-80 minutes
  • It is wind resistant.
  • Has a low interference 2.4GHz technology.
  • A headless flight system that makes it easier and more fun to operate.
  • 6-axis gyro stabilization. This feature helps in recovery after sudden moves and stunts.


  • It is easy to fly.
  • Quieter than other drones of the same size.
  • One button operation for flips


  • A poor motor
  • Not durable

This metallic red drone has longer flights of 30 minutes. You can quickly locate it at night due to its bright LED lights. The camera coverage is excellent. The easy to fly whirr is stable with a higher flying time compared to other best kid’s drones. QCopter drone is fitted with FPV Wi-Fi and HD camera for taking photos and videos. Also, the smartphone app helps you share the moment with your friends. It comes with a replacement crash kit of drone gear parts mount/shafts, propellers and Snap-On motor.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • Two extra-long life batteries to help you get up to 30 minutes flying time.
  • Excellent HD camera to help the kid take bird’s eye view images and videos.
  • This UAV drone has bright LED lights to help you locate the drone at night.
  • Powerful Gyrocopter 6-axis flight stability.
  • It has 360-degree eversion feature.


  • A return home button.
  • Lightweight
  • 90 minutes charging time.
  • It has a prop guard


  • Limited RTF usage in open fields and crowded areas.
  • Can only fly in the low wind due to lightweight.

This little Syma X11C is one of the gems kids will love best drones for kids category. It’s sleek with a polished sports finish. It has impressive stunts and rolls at 360 degrees making you look like a star. The drone has an operating range of 30 meters with up to 8 minutes flight time.

It has good control to help your little pilot to learn the skills of flying. It is good for indoor flights because it can fly even in small spaces. The brilliant color is not only fun for children, but you can quickly locate it in the dark with the help of the LED lights.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • Easy to use with a one-touch button for stunts and tricks.
  • It is small-sized and lightweight making it easy to carry.
  • Syma X11C has 2MP HD camera making your coverage excellent
  • Colourful LED lights to help you locate it during night flights.
  • It has 6-axis flight control for stabilized drone and smooth flying.


  • Easy to fly.
  • A good drone for starters.
  • An ideal gift for children.


  • Poor quality camera.
  • The lift is not proportional

It is perfect for children slightly above five years. It will give them a thrilling experience flying indoors and outdoors and also improve their skills. It has good prop guards to withstand few hits. GoolRC Mini has an anti-crush design with four propeller blades. Fly at 360 degrees without fear. The protector propellers design guarantees your safety. Did you know you can put a drone in your pocket? Ultra mini is the perfect choice within this range of small best kid’s drones. Bring your mate back home with one push of a button.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • Headless with one key return home.
  • A pocket-size design.
  • Anti-crush design.
  • A stable flight system.


  • Perfect for indoor use.
  • Easy to fly.
  • Gift-wrap available


  • It’s tiny.
  • Poor charging system.

The little pilots will love this high-quality copter. This number one selling name in RTR is made of high-quality materials. It has a radio system too. Traxxas high quality stands out from other drones. Fitted with 2.4GHz radio system makes it unique amongst best drones for kids. The whirr has an innovative design and engineering with a high capacity battery 650mAh.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • A quad-rotor thrust and auto leveling 6-axis flight system.
  • State-of-the-art design and engineering.
  • Excellent bright LED lights and 2.4GHz radio system.
  • High capacity Lipo battery 650mAh.


  • Excellent long lasting battery.
  • Easy to fly.
  • It is durable.


  • Poor quality motor.

Our Final Conclusion

Drones have different capabilities.  In our review, we found that the right drone for your child’s age improves his mental ability and flying skills. In this category of best drones for kids, some performed better than others in the market.

The best pocket-friendly drone is Cheerson CX-10 Mini it faired moderately concerning the operation.

DJI Phantom P3-STANDARDis our editor’s choice. There only seemed to be one drawback which you can avoid. However, a good number of clients love it.

The best seller is Syma X5C Quadcopter has most reviews than any other drone. It is suitable for beginners, and you can endure the cons.

Now with this comprehensive list you can shop for the best kids drone keeping in mind the age and experience. 

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