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How To Choose The Best Drone Under 200 Dollars? – Top Picks

How To Choose The Best Drone Under 200 Dollars? – Top Picks

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The “cool toy” tumult of the non-military drone is diminishing by the day. Why? Because this quadcopter is proving to be more than just a toy as they are currently utilized by institutions, small business and individuals in carrying out essential tasks.

There are a variety of available drones in the market. To keep you from getting all mixed up trying to pick out a suitable one, we have selected analyzed, debated and assembled drones under the $200 keeping in mind camera quality, flight time and flight distance.

So if you a looking for capable average functional drone on a budget, we got you!

Features to look for in choosing a suitable drone under 200 dollars


The camera specs for your drone are a high consideration if you want smooth quality footage and images.

Some drones come with already inbuilt camera while other leaves the option to attach your own. Either way a high resolution camera will definitely give better results.

Integrated GPS

A major factor in premium drones but also available in drones under $200. The integrated GPS gives the machine location improving the return to home feature allowing the drone to easily find it way back. Integrated GPS improves navigational skills and general stability. The users too are able to know where the drone is.


Return to home feature is a major consideration mostly for novice pilots, but experts do take advantage of it.

If you are flying and the drone signal disappears or becomes weak or are unable to trace it, pressing the return to home will save your drone from disappearing or getting lost. Also if unsure of the direction to take and need to start a fresh flight return it home. RTH button also saves you the hustle of having to go collect the drone from where it landed.

Follow me mode

Follow me mode is made possible via the Integrated GPS feature. Your drone can track you wherever you are with minimal control. You could be hiking, biking or surfing; the drone will follow, capture and record the whole event progress.

Control distance

This is the range or maximum distance your drone can fly. Drones under $200 are best with a range distance of between 60- 100 meters. A traceable distance incase it crashes or lands

Flight time

Another important factor mainly determined by how long the batteries can last is the flight time. Most batteries of drones under $200 charge for about 80minutes giving you a 9-10minutes flight time- the maximum amount of time the drone can last in flight.

Why did we choose these 10 for the best drone under 200 dollars?

Force 1 F100

Offers a unique GoPro feature used in capturing startling aerial photos and videos. A feature that is hard to find in this category.  It’s also easy to control, minimizing chances of crashing for the beginners.

Holy stone

Stands as one of the most highly rated drones under $200; Comes with unique features including an HD camera an altitude hold function and the headless mode that are some the most sort of features in drones.

MJX Bugs 3

Its physical bug look-alike appearance is just extraordinary not to mention its exceptional capabilities giving you a longer control distance of 300 meters and a remarkably improved flight time of 15 minutes.


It comes boasting a live camera video, its Wi-Fi First Person View, and its VR compatible all at a low price, making it the best choice for beginner enthusiasts.

Kidcia Quadcopter Drone

This is the newest multifunctional drone that features foldable capability to look like a real helicopter. It comes with the latest features giving the real quadcopter feeling while in flight.

Hubsan X4 H502S

It is one of the few drones with an integrated GPS in drones under $200. It also commands great navigational skills and can never get lost as the fail-safe mode that brings the drone back safety is automated incase signal is lost.

Holy Stone HS300

Holy stone HS300 series is one of the best drones available. It features 1080p camera quality resolution with an extensive angle capture for more explicit aerial images and high-quality videos.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite editions comes with additional goodies including the director mode, camouflage options to choose from alongside other drone features. It‘s a perfect drone for the jungle.

WLtoys V666

WLtoys V666 is a little drone that is durable, sturdy and works just fine for its purpose. It is GPS enabled, has an auto hold function and very easy to learn. Most preferred for beginner hobbyists.

JXD 509G

JXD 509G is a great starter multirotor with high performance. It is a remote-controlled drone with a HD camera that captures pixel perfect images. 

We are going to look at a few drone that embody the features of non military drones  and ultimate list of best drones  under $200

Best Drone Under 200 dollars' Review in 2019

DRONE 1: Force 1 F100

The Force1 brushless quadcopter drone F100 is the ultimate drone for both novice and experienced. It’s easy to control as you shoot amazing photos with the GoPro.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • It is a Brushless Quadcopter; advance brushless motors for much quieter flights
  • Has a Camera mount to place your own camera
  • You can equip a GoPro hero 3 or 4 on your camera for shooting awesome pictures.
  • Can flip at 360 degree all directions
  • Have a 2 gear speed mode and a 4 gear mode for high landing
  • Allows a 1640ft signal distance


  • It’s easy and flexible to use
  • Assembling to fly is easy and fast
  • Has no image distortion on footage
  • Has a quieter flight
  • Clear instructions


  • Battery span is short
  • Lacks camera you have to insert your own

DRONE 2: Holy stone FI81

With a cool look, F181 With no deceit, Holy Stone F181 is one of the most celebrated drones in the market. The drone comes with unique most sort after features in drones.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • Has a 2.4Ghz 6 Axis Gyro 4 Channel that enables 3d flips and rolls in all directions
  • Has the altitude hold function an upgrade from previous version that allows hovering at the current height.
  • The headless mode makes it easy to operate it.
  • Has the One Key Return button to summon your drone back.
  • Comes with 2pcs powerful motors to offer power to the drone; supporting a longer flying time.
  • The One Key Engine Start / landing for safe start of flight.
  • Has a 4 Speed Control Modes from low to high.
  • The Left / Right Hand Operation Mode allow you choose which side to operate on.
  • The Led Light can be controlled


  • Very light and balances well.
  • Easy to control
  • Fast learning for novices


  • Does not have a FPV feature

DRONE 3: MJX Bugs 3

MJX Bugs 3 is something you’d expect to see in a star wars movie. Its physical bug look-alike appearance is just extraordinary not to mention its exceptional capabilities giving you a longer control distance and a remarkably improved flight time.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • Has brushless technology that reduces friction between motor parts
  • Has beginner and advance mode
  • Give you a control distance of 300 meters
  • Has an action camera slot to attach your own. The slot has a Gimbal Mount adapter with an anti shock system.
  • The smart remote control alarm function enables the transmitter to beep when the drone is in low voltage and also when the signal is weak keeping it safe on air.
  • Has a 2.4Ghz two way communication on the transmitter that enhances drone response and control
  • The LED Lights are super bright aiding in night flying


  • A suitable machine for all level of pilots
  • Runs faster even at the beginner mode
  • Captures awesome images
  • Gimbal system keeps the camera stable


  • Takes too long to charge battery
  • Lacks the altitude hold function. You have to shoot on the move


An exiting high-quality drone perfect for enthusiast beginners is what you get with the UDI U818A drone. It boasts of the latest technology including a live camera video, its Wi-Fi FPV, and its VR compatible all at a low price

Why Should We Buy It?
  • It comes boasting a live camera video
  • Has a Wi-Fi  connected First Person View
  • Has an altitude hold
  • Has the returns home button as a safety precaution
  • Its VR headset makes it accessible on phones and devices in real time
  • You can create your path using your mobile with the custom flight mode feature and watch it fly on its own.
  • Headless mode function eliminates adjusting of the drone before take off.
  • Has an extra battery plus a power bank,
  • Has bright LED lights for night vision,


  • A high quality and excellent drone perfect
  • Specs are awesome given its price
  • The HD camera is awesome
  • Provides several power options


  • FPV can be hard to use
  • Controlling from phone is tricky

Kidcia quadcopter drone is another new multifunctional drone that is foldable to look like a real helicopter. By multi-purpose, we mean the drone has it all-surpassing all expectation of cheaper drones.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • Has a first Person View
  • A live video camera
  • Has the headless mode optimized for proper functionality
  • Has a powerful air pressure altitude hold for hovering on the same height
  • Has a safety feature called the gravity sensor mode where you hold and move your phone.
  • The track controlled mode allows the quadcopter to fly on autopilot.
  • We make use of the one key return home button to bring it back to your location or location of taking off.


  • Easy to assemble and has clear instructions
  • Unique foldable feature reduces its size hence portable
  • It’s stable and fast
  • Strong doesn’t brake easy


  • Tricky to plug in the cable charge into the battery
  • Battery life is too short

DRONE 6: Hubsan X4 H502S

Hubsan always keep their end of the bargain with the products. The X4H502S presents a high quality drone that is well built and offers latest technology in drones.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • Has the headless mode
  • Has the altitude hold mode, roll and pitch while maintaining a constant altitude.
  • Comes with a built in 720 p HD camera,
  • Has a striking features is the return home key which is GPS enabled with an auto-positioning system.
  • Fail safe mode automatically controls the drone when transmission is lost and brought back home safely.


  • Ideal for novice pilots
  • Has fair price


  • The camera points directly horizontal. You cannot capture images below.
  • Minimal/ narrow FPV range
  • May need a bit of upgrade

A reliable drone with an exception high resolution and a wide angle view capture for more explicit aerial images and high-quality videos.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • Comes with a 1080p camera with an extensive angle
  • Also comes with a headless mode for easy direction control,
  • Has a 100m control range
  • The controllable LED lights for night vision help spotting the drone at night
  • One key handling and one key start /stop
  • A safety precaution in the HS300 is the speed control features for slow movement in small or limited areas like the house and high speeds when outside.
  • Has an emergency stop function that returns it home in case of a fault or environmental hazards.


  • The drone is strong and has an exceptional lift power and balance.


  • Quality of video can be affected by weather conditions.
  • Doesn’t have First Person View on the camera.
  • You must take breaks after flight of not less than 10 minutes as the motors and circuit board gets heat up.
  • A bit complex so you must read the manual carefully.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite is the perfect drone for maneuvering through the jungle that is bushes trees and landscape. The drone is the most expensive on this list having unique multifunctional capabilities.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • The AR free flight is used in flying the drone.
  • Drone enthusiast can easily control it using their Wi-Fi enabled smartphone devices without the accelerometer.
  • It offers three choices of camouflage styles; desert sand, jungle rainforest landscapes or arctic snow inspirations.
  • The director mode allows for programming of automatic movements
  • The setting menu allows you to fine tune to your desired needs.
  • The pressure sensors for gravity balancing and has a different stability making capable of going higher and faster.
  • It has a 4 –axis flip capability
  • Has an absolute control piloting mode made for beginners in facilitating learning.


  • Ready to go out right out of the box
  • Simple and fun to fly and stable
  • Decent camera
  • Hold up incase of crashes


  • Control is complex
  • Videos can be interfered with due to vibration

DRONE 9: WLtoys V666

WLtoys V666 works perfectly for its purpose. It built from foam canopy giving it a nice look but a bit bulky. It’s durable and sturdy and works perfectly well.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • It is lightweight giving a stable balance on a flight,
  • Has automatic hold function; it hovers well in normal weather both indoors and outdoor.
  • Its autopilot is managed through a GPS system.
  • The FPV screen attached to the TX transmitter for viewing and transmitting footage and images.
  • The camera is a 720p HD giving a pretty excellent recording but has a narrow view;
  • The motors and the screen do not share a battery that is; you can fly longer and reduce burning out of engines.


  • Sturdy functional drone
  • Ideal for hobbyists


  • Fly in a typical weather
  • You must allow the motors cool down after flight.
  • Unclear instructions

DRONE 10: JXD 509G

JXD 509G is a great starter multirotor with high performance. It is a remote-controlled drone with pixel perfect images.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • It has a control range of about 60 meters on the minimum radius
  • Has a battery flight time of normal 6-8 minutes facilitated by a 3.7 V 600m Ah lithium-ion battery which is very similar to the under $200 drone and are rechargeable.
  • Its flight movement is in all directions in that it can hover, roll, and turn right/left in 3D.
  • It easily controlled by a 2.4GHz remote sufficient for monitoring its movement on air.
  • The HD camera allows for shooting videos on high resolution and clearer quality image shots.


  • It’s suitable for outdoor and pilots on a different level and a minimum age use of 14.


  • The return to home button can be sometimes inconsistent; does not function as required.

Our Final Conclusion

Drone technology is here to stay and still to evolve. Having said so, its usage will continue to expand in all fields and will have to develop many capable drones. Currently, drone technology is applied mainly videography, photography, multimedia and the film industry. The recent studies indicate the future of drones goes up to the seventh generation and we are currently on the 4th and 5th generation. So for the hobbyists and kids, stay put have fun more new and exciting drones are on their way!

The best drone for beginners: Force1 Brushless Quadcopter Drone F100 – Hero 3 or 4 Compatible GoPro Drone with Advanced Brushless Motors for Longer, Quieter Flight.

The cheapest Holy Stone: F181C RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera, 2.4GHz 6-Gyro with Altitude Hold Function, Headless Mode and One Key Return Home.

The most powerful drone: Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Quadcopter has powerful and with the latest advanced technology.

Selecting the best drone under $200 isn’t an easy task but in the meantime see what suits you in the list above.

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