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How To Choose The Best Drone Under 300 Dollars? – Top Picks

How To Choose The Best Drone Under 300 Dollars? – Top Picks

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Are You Looking For Best Drones Under $300? Read This First When you are running on a budget, it may

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How To Choose The Best Drone Under 300 Dollars? – Top Picks

How To Choose The Best Drone Under 300 Dollars? – Top Picks

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Are You Looking For Best Drones Under $300? Read This First

When you are running on a budget, it may seem impossible to find the best drone under 300 dollars. Drones are increasing in demand due to their vast usage capabilities. This demand has pushed manufacturers into working day and night improving their previous product version to meet the new needs. The competition is stiff and so is variety. Initially, drones under $300 would mainly be considered as toys with insufficient capabilities. Currently, a drone under $300 gives you a higher camera quality HD, an average flight time and a more increased flight distance.

So what features do you look for the best drone under 300 dollars?

Control distance

The distance to which your drone can go is crucial as it’s the determining factor on how far the drone can go. Know range of your drone so that you know what to expect.

Flight time

For how long can the drone be on air? This is also crucial information about the drone that a user or potential buyer needs to know while using the drone. It helps you keep the drone safe lest it crashes after exhausting its flight time.


By default high resolution quality camera, will shoot high quality videos and capture clear images. Whether attached on the drone or yours use a HD camera for amazing images.


Considering the price of the drone you are selecting, the gimbal feature is a must for drones more than $200.  You may be shooting in hash environments or moving in high speeds; you still need to capture quality videos. Gimbal system function make this possible as it stabilizes the camera in such events allowing shooting of smooth sharp videos.

Obstacle avoidance

Crashing and breaking your drone is the worst of scenarios that can happen to your drone. The obstacle avoidance feature prevents and protects your drone from crashing into buildings, trees or any other obstacle on its path.

Why we chose these as the best drone under 300 dollars?

UPair One8MP800m18 Check Price
Hubsan H501S X412M700m20 Check Price
3DR So 3DR Solo DroneNo Camera800m20 Check Price
Xiro Xplorer14M500m25 Check Price
Contixo F17 Plus16M800m18 Check Price
Wingsland4K UHD100m10 Check Price
MOTA Pro Live-4000 Extreme720P80m7 Check Price
Potensic F183DH2M100m15 Check Price
Parrot Bebop14M300m15 Check Price
Blade 200QX BNFNo Camera80m8 Check Price

Upair One

This is a stylish drone with a stable control giving you all in one function elevating the fun in flying it and ideal for beginners.

Hubsan H501 X4

A perfect drone for play or work; flights for a few minutes but smoothly and intuitively. Take high-quality images and videos with the H501X4, the images are clearer than expected.

3DR So 3DR Solo Drone

A smart machine is where we are heading to and the 3DR is already there.  The solo drone works smartly reducing all the work you may have to do.  Powered by 2-1GHz computers, take computer assisted smart shots and HD video streaming that you can share.

Xiro Xplorer

This is a ready to use out of box drone as you only need to fix the propellers and start the control. It is a high-quality, solid and features a distinctive design. The Xiro Xplorer is multifunctional and very affordable.

Contixo F17 Plus

Has 170 degree wide angle coverage via the 4k ultra HD camera that captures image at 16 megapixels and a speed capture of 30 frames per second.


Wingsland drone is light exotic and hassle free. Smart control and record functions allow you to record and share all your happy moments.

MOTA Pro Live-4000 Extreme

The MOTA pro Live4000 extreme performs than expected. The perfect mix of features including control capabilities available with the drone makes it efficient for beginners.

Potensic F183DH

It is fun and easy flight, capturing real time images and videos with the Potensic F183DH. The speed Function will enable seamlessly speed shift, gradual acceleration and deceleration whether you are indoors and out.

Parrot Bebop

A high tech drone with 3-axis sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer that ensures optimal stability. The unique one ultrasound sensor, one pressure sensor and one vertical camera that measure speed of drone and the 14 megapixel ‘fisheye’ camera giving you the ultimate drone experience.

Blade 200QX BNF

Built from the latest drone technology, expect a fun flight from the easy to operate and light weight drone the Blade 200X BNF.

2019’s Best Drone Under 300 Dollars Review

DRONE 1: Upair One

Excellence inflight is what we get with the UPair One drone. It has a stable control and balance.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • It weighs a 1350g with a wheel base of 355mm
  • Its maximum flying distance is 800m with the maximum video transmission distance is 500m and can rise to a flight height of 300m
  • It has a flying duration 18mins
  • The gimbal feature is a 2.7K with a controllable Rotation range and an accuracy angle control
  • Camera has a max of 8MP with a hog photo resolution and a low distortion lenses


  • It is very stable in flight, can fly in one position without drift.
  • It’s easy and fast to learn for beginners.
  • Has a very stable camera in shooting videos


  • The camera is not so clear
  • Can be difficult to understand the pro features

DRONE 2: Hubsan H501 X4

High quality of images and videos is priority in the H501X4. The inbuilt camera will capture astonishing images to your disbelief.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • It comes with a 1080p HD camera with controller 4. 3 inch LCD screen
  • Also has a 6 axis gyro latest fly control system that makes it fly more smoothly.
  • The drone is a lightweight airframe; 1500g with nice durability and fashion design.
  • Has a battery of 7.4V 2700mAh Li-Po Battery and also requires a Remote Control Battery: 4 x AA which is not included in the packaging.
  • Has a charging Time of 150 minutes giving a flight time of 20minutes
  • Also includes other main function like the GPS system, headless mode, automatic return, altitude mode, follow me function.


  • Fun to fly
  • Very clear images
  • Stable shooting of videos


  • The firm ware can cause issues to the drone

The world’s first mart drone is the 3DR and as its name describes is a solo, powered by twin 1 GHz computers.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • It is powered by two 1 GHz computers; this facilitates smooth aerial photography
  • Has a pushbutton flight and computer-assisted Smart Shots features for easy capturing of professional aerial photos and video.
  • Also has a built-in safety and support features like pause and ‘safety net’.
  • Offer wireless video streaming in HD from your GoPro directly to your mobile device
  • It is the first with in-flight GoPro access with a start/stop recording and adjust camera.
  • Solo Gimbal via the GoPro power and control, HDMI video and intelligent camerawork delivers awesome videos.
  • Software Features; It is a full-featured app for iOS and Android devices
  • Orbit mode puts Solo on a circular track with an adjustable radius.
  • The follow me mode keeps the camera centered on you at all times, capturing your every move.
  • Cable Cam with Solo locked on a virtual cable in the air, you’re free to pan and tilt the camera without worrying about piloting the copter.
  • Selfie features center’s you of a scenic aerial pull-out.


  • Advance technology, makes work easier
  • Sleek design


  • Too many functions that can easily confuse user
  • Read manual carefully or research before use

DRONE 4: Xiro Xplorer

Featuring an innovative modular construction the Xiro Xplorer is easy to assemble and easy to fly even for first timers.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • Comes with a high quality camera of 1080p and a 14 megapixels HD video camera for smooth videos.
  • Its remote controller designed for users’ convenience. That is, light-weight and easy to carry.
  • It has a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Range Extender providing effective connection between your smartphone or device and the drone.
  • Gives a real-time preview on both short and longer distances
  • Allows the selection of photos and wirelessly download to your smartphone and share.
  • Smooth videos like a Pro
  • It comes with a video-stabilized 3-axis camera gimbal technology allows you to take smooth videos like a pro
  • One exciting feature is the 5200mAh smart battery that provides a 25 minute flight
  • A safety feature on the drone is thanks to its smart control technology, is the remote control vibrates when the battery level is low to alert you on time.


  • The controller is very responsive making operation easy
  • Awesome camera quality
  • Ideal for beginners as the assembly is less than 5 minutes
  • Has a nice physical appearance


  • Breaks easily , be careful in handling

The 4k Ultra Hd camera scales up the capabilities of the Contixo F17 plus. You are able to capture on a wide area and save excellent videos.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • It comes with a Contixo 4k ultra HD action camera 16MP and mounting accessories giving you an extra HD quality.
  • Its constructed with the Brushless technology motor; MT1806 1800KV which is an advanced motor technology that reduces friction between motor parts. When friction is reduced, durability and efficiency is achieved.
  • Has high capacity batteries that let you fly up to 36 minutes.
  • Comes equipped with the smart remote control alarm function in which voltage status is received by the transmitter buzzer and a beep sound is sent once it’s in low voltage. The buzzer also makes sound when signal is weak.
  • You get an aluminum hard case included on purchase fro protecting and organizing your drone when on the move.


  • Light and balances well on flight
  • High resolution camera
  • It’s fast and agile
  • An easy carry while traveling
  • Price is reasonable compared to its uses and functions


  • Sometimes give less flight time than expected

DRONE 6: Wingsland

This drone features a modern and stylish design with a compact look making it ideal for out door events.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • Its thin light weight as it weighs 260g only and it’s available in 5 colors variety
  • It comes with a 4K30P camera and 1080P60P HD Video,
  • Also has at the EIS 3-Axis gimbal digital stabilization.
  • Also comes with main features including the Internal GPS, Compass, Barometer, 6-Axis Gyro., it has multiple Intelligent Modes including click Return-To-Home, Course-Lock mode, Home-Lock mode, Orbit, Follow me, Outdoor Auto Hovering functions.
  • Has a latest technology of brushless motors for longer quieter flights
  • Its phone app comes equipped with multi-functions of flight control, simulator, editing video, adding subtitles and video composition.
  • It commands a 30m-100m Control range by connecting with phone and a 7-10min flight time.
  • Also has some extended accessories including Boom Boom Gun, Emoji Display, Search Light and Propellers Guard


  • Hassle free as it’s easy to use
  • Available in various colours to choose
  • The app has dynamic settings that enables customizing of the images and videos


  • Lens are fixed hence capturing horizontal shots can be difficult
  • Wi-Fi may interfere with the firm ware

This is one of the best commercial grades drones from JETJAT series creators. The price is reasonable and gives professional piloting.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • Has a Pro live-4000 comes capable of live streaming right out of box.
  • It comes with a 360 mAh Lithium Battery allows for 6-7 minutes of flight time.
  • The video control range is about 80 m.
  • Also has a crazy 3D tumbling feature that makes it easy for make hard turns and flip and barrel through the air
  • The 720p camera gives you high end visuals with ability to shoot photo and live stream video.
  • Other additional features available with the drone is One-Touch Landing and Take-off to make it ready to fly with the push of a button


  • It’s very strong and sturdy
  • Have a great customer service from manufacturers


  • Can be hard to understand due to sophisticated technologies
  • Read manual carefully before use

DRONE 8: Potensic F183DH

The F183DH is a ready to fly out of box drone as it doesn’t need any FAA Registration.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • It comes with the altitude hold function that facilitates capturing of high quality stable videos and photos, great for starters beginner to intermediate hobbyist.
  • Has the First Person View for real time videos
  • The one ne key taking off and landing feature for easy better control of the drone
  • It camera is a 2 megapixels with a 5.8GHz wireless LCD monitor screen.
  • Comes equipped with the stepless-speed Function mainly used by experienced pilots; It enables seamlessly speed shift, gradual acceleration and deceleration for both indoors and out.
  • You also get Spare Motors, 4GB TF Card USB Card Reader, USB battery charger, 3 in 1 Charging cable, extra blades, user manual and a carrying case on purchase


  • Fun quad to use
  • No loss of reception while in flight
  • Its steady and smooth while flying


  • Must cool down the motors after a flight
  • Can only do a number of flips
  • Hard to sync between drone and transmitter

DRONE 9: Parrot Bebop

Parrot Bebop is a robust yet light weight quadcopter with high resolution camera and multifunction.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • It comes with 3-axis sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer that ensures optimal stability.
  • It has the unique one ultrasound sensor covering 8 meters, one pressure sensor and one vertical camera that measure speed of drone.
  • It has a 14 megapixel ‘fisheye’ camera and full HD 1080p that records videos and takes pictures within a 180° field of view with no compromise on image quality.
  • Has a full-digital image stabilization technology for stable and clear aerial footage regardless of the drone’s movements. The camera lens and dust proof hence nor blurry images can be captured.
  • An ultra intuitive application called the Freeflight 3 developed for usability. Acess basic functionalities including Piloting, photos/videos, flight plan, Cloud ‘Pilot Academy’ from the home page.
  • Parrot Bebop Drone generates its own Wi-Fi 802.11 hotspot;
  • It comes embedded with a GPS system and Flight Map control
  • You can save over 350 flights and watch them in 3D with the Parrot Cloud thanks to the altitude and speed data collected with the GNSS and Glonass satellite tracking.
  • Parrot Cloud allows keeping track of all videos, photos and navigations


  • A smart machine that does every thing for you
  • Has a nice sleek design
  • An amazing camera


  • Lacks LED lights hence cannot fly at night

DRONE 10: Blade 200QX BNF

Flies smoothly on all speeds necessary whether calm or aggressive you get control and precision.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • Its battery Life with stock E-Flite 800mah-20C battery flown until LVC (3.71V per cell, healthy for battery longevity with an indoor hover of 11 minutes , outdoor green mode flight of  10min gentle flight and an outdoor aggressive flight or blue mode of 6-8min max
  • Can do 3D inverted flying
  • Has the MLP4DSM radio from the Nano Qx blade
  • Has the First Person View
  • Comes with very bright LED lights


  • Very fun to fly and operate

  • Bright LED lights for night vision

  • Have awesome customer service


  • Cracks too easily

  • Doesn’t have remote control

  • Battery doesn’t last long

How to choose the best drones under 300 dollar

Our Final Conclusion

Choosing a drone that fits your specifications should be a breeze after reading this review. For recommendations all the drones in this article have the basic capacity to deliver HD pictures and perfect video streaming.

Most powerful drone under 300 from our review has to be Contixo F17 Plus with HD streaming of videos and ultra HD pictures. In addition it has the latest in flight technology to give you a smooth operation.

The easiest to operate is the Upair One which is easy to use, with a simple control system.

There you have it the best drone under 300 with the best specifications worth more than what you bargained for.

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