How To Choose The Best Drone Under 500 Dollars - Top Picks & Reviews
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How To Choose The Best Drone Under 500 Dollars? – Top Picks

How To Choose The Best Drone Under 500 Dollars? – Top Picks

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To all drone enthusiasts a drone is not just a toy but a tool for streaming high end videos, and take pictures at the highest points. Most of these drones boast of amazing features like GPS, HD camera, Wi-Fi connection and indoor tracking. For the best drone under 500 you need to thoroughly examine the camera quality, the battery life and the operating range before you purchase the quad copter.

We have come up with best drones under 500 have specific features with value for money. The quads that we have selected have awesome features that will give you good impression when you are taking on the skies.

Why do we choose these ten best drone under 500 dollars?

DJI Spark Intelligent Portable Mini Drone,Palm launch Mini Quadcopter, Alpine White

It has a quick launch with face-aware software. Spark lifts it off from your hand by just recognizing your face. It takes off and hovers in place within seconds of powering on.

Parrot Bebop 2 FPV – White

It has ultra-precise piloting and has an extended flight range of up to 1.2 mile with parrot sky controller. It also has a compatible smartphone screen size for the cock pit glasses.

3DR Solo

It has a solo video game style controller and it will feel familiar the second you pick it even for a beginner. The push button commands put both the camera and the copter at your fingertips.

DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter V2.0 Bundle, 3-Axis Zenmuse H4-3D Gimbal for GoPro Hero 4 Black


It has the Zen Muse H4-3D gimbal that requires installation and calibration using the downloadable DJI gimbal software. The latest version has a new compass, new propulsion system and new remote controller.

3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter + 3D Robotics GB11A 3DR Solo Gimbal + PP11A 3DR Solo Propeller Set + Lexar High-Performance microSDHC 633x 32GB UHS-I/U1 + Polaroid 5 Piece Camera

Cleaning Kit Bundle Kit

It is the only one-in-one drone to offer wireless video streaming in vivid HD form you GoPro directly from your mobile device.

Xiaomi Mi Drone WIFI FPV With 4K 30fps & 1080P Camera 3-Axis Gimbal RC Quadcopter

It has real time location tracking for easy retrieval after post-crash. It hovers automatically at the edge of no-fly zones and it is built-in PCB antenna array in remote control for maximum reach. It also has a modular design and foldable landing gear.

DJI Phantom P3-STANDARD Quadcopter Drone with 2.7K HD Video Camera

It has GPS assisted flight features that let you concentrate on getting great images while the drone helps you fly safely.

HUBSAN H109S X4 Drone GPS 5.8GHz FPV With 1080P HD Camera 6 Axis Gyro and 1 Axis Gimbal Rotation RC Quadcopter Standard Edition

It has a standard edition remote control with Android 4.2 operation system. It comes with the latest GPS locating system with a headless mode and altitude mode for automatic return and low power protection.

Traxxas Aton Plus Quadcopter with 2-Axis Gimbal, 3-Cell 5000mAh iD LiPo Battery and 3-amp AC LiPo Charger

It is fully customized with dozens of different colors and light combinations. It is easy for beginners and has a dual mode GPS, air breaks and return to home features. It is exciting for advanced players with its extreme agility.

Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera – Compact Smart Drone with Ultra High Definition 4K video – safe to fly indoor and outdoor

It has 4K stunning videos and pictures with breathtaking ultra high definition and ultra-clear 13 megapixels stills. It also comes with a propeller protectors prevent it from coming into contact with other objects.

2019’s Best Drone Under 500 Dollars Review

If you are a hardcore drone enthusiast the DJI Spark is one of the best drone under 500 with camera for budding professionals and videographers.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • The drone features the Quick launch, object avoidance, return to home face aware, dynamic home point/ home point , auto exposure bracketing, timed shot and shallow focus.
  • It has a 12MP camera with 1080p video resolution at 30 FPS and live video feed.
  • It uses Wi-Fi connection through the DJI GO 4 app.
  • The speed is up to 31mph when in sport mode.
  • The flight time is approximately 16 minutes.
  • Includes a range of up to 30 feet.
  • It has 2-axis mechanical gimbal.
  • Available in 5 different colors.


  • Small and portable
  • Excellent camera
  • Easy to use.


  • Short flight time.
  • Not stable
  • Videos are blurry.

The parrot Bebop 2- White is a good drone and one of the best drones under 500.  The drone comes with exceptionally perfect motors that allow it to fly with ease to higher attitudes.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • Light and compact quad copter.
  • Streams real time – video to a smartphone companion app.
  • It has 14mp 1080p video recording capability.
  • It flies to 1 km radius, probably even more.
  • Has up to 25 minutes of flying time.
  • Built with 3-axis digital stabilization capability that offers a fixed angle of view. Enables you not to lose orientation of the drone.
  • Ability to control with the help of sky controller or a smartphone.
  • Comes ready to fly.


  • Good for beginners.
  • The battery life is friendly.
  • Fish eye lens are good for navigation.
  • The camera is perfect.


  • Lacks sky controller
  • Poor Wi-Fi signal.
  • The controls fail to work well with smartphone app.

DRONE 3: 3DR Solo

The 3DR Solo is a decent drone, a quad copter, has a gaming style control that makes you feel like you are playing video games. The drone is simple to operate for the beginners.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • It has the solo video game-style controller. The push button command puts both the copter and the camera at your fingertips. Adjust the camera angle as you fly.
  • The drone offers you 18 minutes flight time.
  • The drone has a HDMI portal and you can connect it to any screen and view the photos and videos.
  • It comes with GPRS navigation.
  • Streams video to smartphone with the full featured app for IOS and android. You put total craft control at your fingertips.
  • 40mph speed.


  • Cool for gaming style.
  • Very smart and well-built. Smart shot capability.


  • Unresponsive customer service.
  • Unsafe at any altitude.
  • Technical glitches with the product from customers.
  • Lacks inbuilt camera. You will have to buy separate.

The DJI Phantom 2 is great in performance with some of the best features for best drones under 500. It is perfect for drone enthusiasts and lifting power. It has awesome features like the integrated GPS. The GPS helps the autopilot function.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • The drone is fun to fly by and it is even better with a Go Pro to record the flight action.
  • The phantom comes with the latest new remote controller, new propulsion system and new compass.
  • The Zen Muse H4-3D gimbal is included in this bundle and requires installation and calibration. This is by downloading DJI gimbal software.
  • The Go Pro camera is not inclusive and you purchase separately. You need to purchase a Go Pro Hero 4 Black Edition to utilize the camera stabilization features of the gimbal.


  • Fantastic with unbeatable features.
  • Great camera.
  • Good for beginners since it has Go Pro.


  • Little battery life.
  • Numerous software glitches.

The 3DR SOLO Drone is a powerful drone and it is one of the best drones under 500 with high end features. The quad copter comes with a high performance micro SDHC memory card.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • The drone has a 3DR solo drone quad copter with premium Ritz camera bundle kit.
  • It has the solo transmitter remote control, solo flight battery and flight battery charger.
  • It has the Go Pro lens hood frame.
  • It comes with the 3D Robotics GB 11A 3DR Solo Gimbal (Black)
  • The memory card is Lexar high performance micro SDHC 633x32GB UHS-1
  • It comes with a bonus deluxe accessory kit with 3D ROBOTICS PP11A 3DR solo propeller set-black and Polaroid 5 piece camera cleaning kit.


  • Excellent product when flying.
  • Powerful and super flight control.
  • The camera is good.


  • Battery life is short.
  • Poorly build product.

Xiaomi drone is essentially one of the most powerful birdies. It is built in with powerful features giving you 27 minutes of flight nonstop.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • The drone comes with a 1080p camera FPV Gimbal 3axis smart battery allowing you to fly 27 minutes nonstop. The drone reaches as far as 2KM.
  • 4K camera at 3840*2160 pixels supports recording of still in raw format. The camera attached to the 3axis gimbal stabilizers up to 2000 vibrations per second.
  • The drone is light weight designed with Glonass and vision based positioning for maximum precision.
  • Comes with GPS for real time location tracking. It is built on PCB antenna array in remote control for maximum reach- Modular design and foldable landing gear.


  • Sensational cheap price
  • No problems with the customs 
  • Quality workmanship 
  • Good packaging 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Battery life almost 30 minutes 
  • Easy to control, good automatic control 
  • Perfect video quality


  • Unfortunately, the consideration of the no-fly zones can not be switched off, in some areas the no-fly zones are wrongly stored.
  • A bit loud 
  • Unfortunately, the WLAN stick is not included  Without wlan stick the drone can not be connected to the iPhone.

This version of drone comes with a 2.7K HD camera with 12MP.  The drone has the auto-pilot. Through way programs enables the drone to fly by itself. It is useful for videography and photography.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • The phantom 3 comes with 2.7K HD video and 12MP still from the 3-axis stabilized integrated camera.
  • The DJI app enables you to view a live image streamed from the drone up to a half a mile using your mobile phone or tablet.
  • The GPS assisted flight features allow you to get great images and the drone fly safely.
  • The flying time is up to 25 minutes.
  • A range of accessories are included like the battery, radio controller,8 GB micro SD  card and 2 full sets of propellers.


  • Excellent crafting.
  • User friendly.
  • Cheap and great product.


  • Customers care lacks support to customers.
  • Slow connection to Wi-Fi.

This is one has 1080p video capture, live video streaming; GPS enabled flight this quad copter is a reasonable contender.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • Has 1-axis gimbal rotation and latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity.
  • 1080p HD camera with real time FPV adjustable visual shooting to its dedicated remote controller.
  • Standard edition remote control with android 4.2 operation system.
  • Hubsan X4 drone channels and 5.8 GHz transmitter FPV and 2.4GHz receiver.
  • Latest GPS locating system headless mode and altitude mode, automatic return and low power protection.
  • The flight time is 25 to 30 minutes.
  • The remote controller comes with android 4.2 OS


  • 1080p camera is awesome.
  • Great quad.
  • Easy to fly


  • Battery life is poor.
  • Hard task to remove the battery with screw driver.

Traxxas Aton is a powerful quad copter and  the quad comes with a 500mAh 3- cell LiPo battery providing you with 25-30 minutes of flight with camera. It has 2axis gimbal designed to work with Go Pro.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • The Aton plus features a stabilized 2-axis gimbal for your action camera and a larger 500mAh ,3s LiPo battery for longer flight time.
  • Easy to use for novice players with dual mode GPS, air brakes and return home features, exciting for advanced flyers with its extreme agility.
  • Aton is best for both worlds: unsurpassed 50+ mph speed in sport mode and ultra-stable camera platform in film mode.
  • Has high visibility LED light and customized with different colors and a fast 3-ampLiPo balance charger.


  • Super fun features.
  • Exceeds expectations with speed.
  • GPS is best for beginners.


  • Battery issues.
  • Loses control from controller.

Yuneec Breeze Flying camera has great consumer offerings on the deck and it is one of the best drones under 500. The drone comes with 13mp 4K video recording capability. The drone has automated flying mode like Selfie, pilot, and journey.

Why Should We Buy It?
  • It comes ready to fly RC drone.
  • Built with indoor positioning system to allow breeze to hold its position indoors and outdoors. Propeller protectors are built to prevent damage from other objects.
  • Controlled via smartphone app and you can take your videos and photos and instantly share them to social media.
  • It connects through Wi-Fi.
  • 12 minutes flying time.
  • 4k stunning camera performance.
  • Easy to fly with the automated flight modes.


  • Stunning camera
  • Light weight and ability to hold with ease.
  • Has Indoor positioning for indoors photography.


  • Poor battery.
  • Poor Wi-Fi connectivity.

Our Final Conclusion

What are the recommendations for the best drone under 500 dollars?

From the list of the drones that we have looked at, it is fair to say that the most powerful drone is the DJI phantom 3. This quad is one of the best drones under 500 dollars. It is powerful with 31mph when in sport mode and has powerful Wi-Fi connection with DJI Go4 app.

Depending on flight performance, range and autonomy, these are the best drones under 500 dollars that you need to take on the skies. Whichever drone you choose, ensure it has solid specifications to back it up.

So, go ahead and buy any of these quads. Hope the article helps you find best drone under 500 with camera for live streaming and quench your desire for perfect live videos and photos as you fly.

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